In all we do, we celebrate the unique gift of God in each person and strive to capture the dream of God for all who make up the community of St. John’s School. We promote parental involvement to enhance the spirit of this community. Our community is overflowing with gifted and talented people and we encourage you to come and share them with us! We have many volunteer options and welcome any suggestions or ideas that would add to the outstanding community of our school. 

Please contact the front office if you are interested in joining our wonderful volunteers. You do make a difference! We are so fortunate to belong to such a generous community. Thanks to that generosity we have reached our latest fundraising goals. Looking forward, St. John’s will continue to contribute to the capital improvement fund. These funds will help to maintain our facilities to keep the learning environment safe and productive for our students. 

The School Advisory Board will work closely with the administration to determine what improvements need to be made and parents will be notified as these projects come up. If you would like to make a donation please contact the development office. It is through the giving spirit of our families that we are able to provide a nurturing Catholic environment where students can achieve academic excellence. Thank you for your generosity!