Educational tools


Scantron Performance Series is the standardized test that our students participate in 3 times a year. This test is a computer-adaptive test that lets teachers quickly pinpoint the proficiency level of each student, in math and reading.

Because every child learns a different pace and has different instructional needs, teachers need to be able to recognize these needs and provide each student with individualized instruction that targets his or her proficiency level. This test allows teachers to do this immediately following the student finishing the test. This information then allows teacher to effectively drive his or her instruction to best meet the academic needs of each individual student.


Rediker serves as St. John’s primary means of communication with the parents of our students. Rediker provides an easy and safe way to relay information to our parents, including inclement weather, early dismissal updates, and instant access to your student’s grade book and report card.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a fantastic classroom behavior management tool. The students know instantly what behaviors are rewarded and which behaviors receive immediate consequences. Each student has an avatar, which they can change on a daily basis to give him or her ownership. Most importantly parents can log on to see how their child is behaving each day.

Summer Learning Resources

These learning resources are designed for students to continue their academics throughout the summer break. It was created by the collaboration of teachers and the Catholic Schools Office (CSO). Although not mandatory, it is strongly recommended as an opportunity to further your child’s growth.