Medication guidelines

  • All medication must be kept and administered in the Health Room under adult supervision. This includes all prescription medications and over the counter (OTC) medications (i.e. eye drops, anti-itch creams, nasal sprays, Tums, Tylenol, cough drops, throat lozenges, etc.)

  • All medications must be in the original labeled container. A pharmacist must label prescription medications. Ask for 2 labeled bottles when getting prescriptions filled, one for school and one for home.

  • An adult must bring all controlled substances (Ritalin, Adderall, narcotic pain medicines, etc.) to the Health Room to be counted and recorded. A maximum of 30 days supply will be kept in the Health Room.

  • A student may bring other medications to the Health Room provided a note accompanies it from the parent and the completed medication form. Please call the Office and let us know if your child is bringing medication to school so that we may follow up if we do not receive it.

  • The parent must administer the first dose of any new medication at home.

  • All continuous medication orders (inhalers, epi-pens, etc.) must be rewritten by the child’s health care provider and submitted by the parent/guardian at the start of each school year. No medications are saved from the previous school year; they have either been returned or destroyed.

  • A parent may come to school to administer a medication to their own child, if it is necessary.